Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendant | Mandala | Thai Handmade


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This Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendant is an exquisite work of art.  Hand hammered in the mountains of Chiang Mai this Mandala pendant is a fine example of the Karen tribes silver work.  These silversmith techniques have been passed down through families and generations.

Karen silver has a  high silver content of 98.5%.  This is a soft metal to work with and the artists are able to tool and hand hammer fine details.   Many of the designs are inspired by the Karen's love and respect for their natural environment.  Sunshine, leaves, flowers, spirals, elephants, raindrops, all a tribute to their life and heritage. Your purchase of their jewelry gives these families a steady income and helps to preserve the culture of these artisans and their villages in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

1 3/4 " x 2 1/2"  ( 4 x 6 cm) 

17 Grams 98.5% Silver

*Ships gift wrapped in jewelry box 

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