About Us

Hello & Sawadee Ka ~

The Thai Artist Collective promotes artists and small family businesses making unique  handcrafted products in Thailand.  Our goal is to support and empower these artisan communities by making their products available internationally.

TAC is brought to you by Mai Tasin and Christy Lee Smith who have created a multi national family business combining their love of art, sustainability and Thai culture.   Mai, a Bangkok artist, and Christy owner of Jai Yen in California met on a volunteer project working with refugee children on the Thai/Burmese border in 2011 and were married in 2013.  They now split their time equally between their two countries living in Thailand half the year and then running their shop in Lake Tahoe in the summertime.  Products on the website ship from Lake Tahoe year round.

In these fast paced times filled with overly packaged plastic goods we strive to promote and protect Thailand's traditional handmade culture.  Your purchase supports these artists and small family businesses and allows them to continue creating handicrafts using the wealth of natural materials available in their region and make their living in a sustainable way. 

Our products can be purchased here on the TAC website or at Jai Yen in Lake Tahoe, Ca. May - Sept.   Thai Artist Collective is also proud to have over 3000 sales on Etsy with a 5 star seller rating. 

All items are shipped gift wrapped in Thai handmade Sa Paper as we strive to reduce waste and packaging in every aspect of our business and work together with our suppliers to encourage them to do the same. 

We believe that global change begins at home, in our business practices and in the choices we make every day ~ we hope we're making a small positive difference in this world.  We appreciate your visit to our website, please send us a message if you run into any questions. 

Warm wishes,

Mai & Christy