Thai Teppanom Angel Pewter & Crystal Candle Holder / Trinket Box - Meditation


This Thai Teppanom Angel pewter box / candle holder will make a lovely addition to any home.  Handmade in Thailand with extraordinary craftsmanship and detail this 2 piece set features a crystal inlayed costumed Thai angel seated in Lotus postiion on a pewter stand surrounded by two frosted glass tea light candles.  She seamlessly opens and becomes a trinket box with handpainted pearlized detailing and "Imagems" authenticity stamp.

In Thai Culture the Teppanoms were the temple protectors and guardians.  They first came to earth when Buddha reached enlightenment. They became Buddha's protector, then guardian of religious temples, artifacts and scrolls.  They are seen in royal palaces, at the entrance to Buddhist temples, homes as a welcoming symbol to all guests.

Details:  Base - 7.5 inch (19cm) long

               Angel - 5 inches (12.5cm) x 2.5 (7cm)  on base 6.6 inches high (17cm)

               *Ships Gift Wrapped in Thai Handmade Sa Paper~